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Born on 17th December 2001, She brings light, joy and love to all of our lives.

1st of the Tripurneni children she is the apple of her Baba's eye and mummy's angel.

She is so sweet she makes your hearts melt, so smart you'd wonder if she is really five years old.

An angel who takes care of her brothers helps her mom.
Light and life of Babam and Tata.

Prayer partner for Ammama.

Loves to sing and dance and play piano has even taught Tullu how to dance

Meaning: A Ray of light.

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You are the best   / Vennela Chetupalli (Atta)
Chummi, you are the best kid I have ever seen. 

If I ever have a daughter i want her to be just like you.

Love Atta
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The perfect child
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